For IUCN-ROWA, EdgeLab has developed a meteorological and oceanographic hydrological monitoring buoy suitable for measuring ocean meteorological parameters in harbours, lakes, and coastal areas. Constructed of GRF with an internally reinforced stainless-steel skeleton and filled with closed-cell flexible foam, the buoy boasts lightweight construction and excellent mooring capabilities. These materials ensure corrosion resistance and high impact resistance.

The buoy is equipped with a multiparametric probe and is the ideal solution for the monitoring of coastal wave parameters.

Additionally, the buoy features weather instruments providing six crucial weather parameters: air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and direction.


  • High visibility reducing the risk of being run into and damaged by boats.
  • Long-term unattended operation due to large solar charging and battery capacity.
  • Suitable for measuring oceanographic parameters: waves, currents, water quality and meteorology.
  • Multi-parameter and multi-application real-time monitoring is feasible.
  • Modular structure of bolt connection easy to transport.
  • Painting according to IALA recommendations.
  • Extremely robust construction.
  • Low maintenance and power consumption
    • Excellent resistance to collision.
  • The entire buoy made of no magnetic materials.
  • Autonomous power supply, through monocrystalline silicon solar panels, AGM battery 12v high capacity. Optional with LifeP04 batteries.
  • Autonomous led lantern of 2 nautical miles range, and passive radar reflector.
  • Communications through GPRS. Buoy configurable via SMS of sampling parameters and Identification of the buoy. Modem dual band telephony – 3G / 4G Triband.
  • Additional communication, to be set according to field coverage: Wi-Fi Long Range – RF Long Range.
  • Energetically autonomous.
  • All acquired data are stored on a 1GB compact flash card.
  • Modular equipment with easy installation and low maintenance.
  • High technology sensor, reliable and strong.
  • Open to the installation of others sensors: ADP, CTD, METEO.
  • Data sent via GPRS in real time.