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Our history

Established in 2010 as a spinoff from two underwater technology-focused scientific research projects, EdgeLab’s journey unfolds across three primary periods.

During the initial phase (2012-2015), the company was deeply immersed in research and development efforts, culminating in the creation of its inaugural prototypes.

Transitioning into the second phase (2015-2020), EdgeLab underwent rigorous testing endeavors, resulting in significant enhancements to its prototypes and the establishment of pivotal strategic partnerships.

In 2017, EdgeLab achieved two significant milestones:

  • Recognizing a market demand for a more compact, cost-effective, and lightweight AUV, EdgeLab introduced U_Tracker®, positioning itself among the pioneering companies worldwide to address this need.
  • The company also secured a pivotal strategic partnership with L&T Defense, a division of Larsen & Toubro, a prominent Indian multinational conglomerate boasting nearly 50,000 employees and generating a turnover of $23 billion in 2023. Together, they embarked on a collaborative effort to design and produce a large AUV named AMOGH.

Since 2018, Edgelab has embarked on a journey of extensive testing, leading to the commencement of series production for its vehicles.

Over time, the U_Tracker has undergone significant evolution, emerging as a meticulously developed and rigorously tested product, now transitioning into its fourth generation of development.

Notably, Edgelab has made substantial strides in enhancing navigation, control, and usability, solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner for numerous private and public customers.

History of the Company

EdgeLab is born

Founded in 2010 as a spinoff of two underwater scientific research projects aiming to apply marine technologies and robotics to underwater archaeology.

R&D and First Prototypes

Business operations start-up in La Spezia.
DLTM-Ligurian Marine Technologies District.
Launch of R&D and production of a compact AUV. Started AMOGH project in partnership with L&T Defence, part of Larsen & Toubro.


A second phase characterized by very intensive testing activities, which led to the improvement of the prototypes and the creation of important strategic alliances.

3rd Round

Started U_Tracker® navigation firmware development, which was completed in July 2023.
Improved AUVs' decision-making capabilities with AI.
Started U_Tracker's production in small batches.
Completed U_Deep® /AMOGH testing and demonstration phase.

Our products


High performance large AUV.


Affordable AUV with no compromise.


The best solution for shallow waters.

Intelligent buoys

Keep data you care of under control.

Ground Control Station

Complete management software for AUV and USV vehicles.