Our Projects

EdgeLab’s is extremely active with projects related to sustainability, preservation of the marine underwater heritage. Most of our projects have foundation in European Grants or are direct calls from public institutions like universities and other research institutes.

All our projects reflect the DNA of the company: a spin-off from University Research who aims to develop sea technologies for a better preservation and protection of marine environment.

Some of our recent projects:

The goal of the THETIDA project is to ensure the safety and preservation of Europe’s coastal and underwater cultural heritage amid the challenges posed by climate change and natural hazards. This initiative adopts a comprehensive approach, encompassing risk management, protective measures, and readiness strategies.

These measures work in tandem to mitigate potential damages to cultural sites, mitigate emerging threats, and advocate for policy frameworks that promote climate neutrality and economic resilience in coastal regions.

The NAUTILOS Project, which officially commenced in October 2020, aims to pioneer a novel approach to underwater technologies for innovative and cost-effective ocean observation.

This project, supported by H2020 funding under the Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative, is coordinated by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). It brings together a diverse consortium of 21 entities spanning 11 European countries. This consortium encompasses a wide range of expertise, including ocean instrumentation development, integration, sensing, and sampling, as well as data processing, modelling, and control.

Moreover, it covers operational oceanography, biology, ecosystems, biogeochemistry, water and climate change science, and technological marine applications, along with research infrastructures.