Edge_Ocean Buoy

Because of their substantial volume submerged in water, Smart Ocean Buoys exhibit considerable stability when faced with wave motion, rendering them well-suited for oceanographic measurements.

Proper sizing of both the surface area in contact with the water and the mass can enhance their capacity to resist the forces of waves, contrasting with low and broad buoys, such as discs, which tend to track the wave motion.

Additionally, this type of buoy serves as a platform for accommodating equipment used in measurements associated with waves or the interaction between air and water.

Summary sheet

Edge_Ocean Buoy


2.50 m diameter
free edge: 45 cm
total footprint: 5.50 mt


650W photovoltaic solar panels
600W wind generation
Customizable on request.


1,850 kg
Buoyancy: 2,500 kg
Ballast: 650 kg


Vinylester GRP,

Data transmission

RF Long Range
Iridium satellite communications