Edge_Smart Buoy

Edge_Smart Buoy is a slender watertight body fitted with a light and modular instrumented upper mast and a lower mast with modular easy recoverable ballast. Buoy mooring is made with a light weight synthetic mooring line and modular chain lengths according to the sea water depth.


  • Compact watertight vessel;
  • 300mm in diameter and 700n in weight;
  • Light and modular instrumented upper spar;
  • Lower mast with modular easy recoverable ballast;
  • Light weight sintetic mooring line;
  • Modular chain lengths for buoy mooring.

Energy supply is provided by a compact set of batteries topped up by energy harvesting systems (photovoltaic panels, umbrella-mounted for easy storage, and wind mill generator).

Data link of all sensors fully integrated in Data Management System is based on Real Time info on Buoy Monitoring Activity previous a Data Quality Control before Web Publishing:

  • Wifi communication for local up/downloading;
  • DGPRS for coastal data transfer;
  • Satellite data link IRIDIUM (for optimal area coverage)

A full set of scientific sensor can be provided:

  • CTD Conductivity Temperature Probe with sampling Pump;
  • Multi Physics Probe (Ph, Chlorophyl, Oxygen, Transparency sensors etc);
  • Current profiling with ADCP;
  • Biosensors sampling and analysis;
  • Meteo Station (Wind Dir. & Vel.,Humidity, Temperature,etc);
  • Wave Height and Direction;
  • Marine Mammals Listening Station.

For the purpose of Marine Safety the following features can be provided:

  • Easy Deployable Buoy Network;
  • Surface and Underwater Chains of sensors;
  • Easy Integration of new Sensors into Data Management System;
  • Adaptability to various protection scenarios;
  • Easy customization due to easy buoy redeployment.