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Middle-sized vehicle for shallow waters operations.
Heavy payloads carrying capability

-dimensions 350 cm  length  x 32 cm diam; weight approx 180kg
-(MOD) maximum operational depth: 300 mt
-8 h of operations at nominal speed with acquiring sensors
-6 brushless electrical motors (2 main propellers + 4 lateral/azimuthal thrusters)
-5 degree of freedoms, hovering and point rotation capability
-Wifi + RF surface communications
-including control console (i.e. rugged PC + joystick wearable RF communication)
-GUI (Graphic User Interface) control software included.

U_Mapper can be configured on demand with a full set of AUV_grade sensors, including MBES, SSS, SBS, CTDs, multiparametric probes, + FOG, DVL, USBL + UW camera etc., according to specific requirements.

Assisted GPS navigation through USBL link is available on demand

Tethered mode available on demand (i.e. surface radio buoy connected to the vehicle through a kevlar-coated optical fibre)


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